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Race Report / 28 May 2018

Once again the sun was out for the LOBMBC's latest Bank Holiday event with large crowds enjoying a festival of Speed, Spray and Spills, an excellent precursor to the July European OSY400 Championships

Spectators were treated to mass pontoon starts at the east end of the course as well as the usual handicap format used at the weekly Club races  A full afternoon's high speed action kept everyone on their toes with an early incident calling the Club's Rescue team into service and hard working commentator Phil Willeard  was pushed to keep up with the individual  "dog-fights" all around the circuit excitedly adding even more to the proceedings.


The GT15/30 class had yet another good turnout with 6 boats entered, including first time driver Jack Goodwin in a GT30, having taken part in the Clubs'Training Scheme.


Once known as the "Junior "class, although the starting age is 9, the GT30 boats are suitable for adults who have to be prepared for the competitive racing of our younger drivers. As can only be expected a good show was put on by all the drivers, the Jon Burr Trophy going to 20 Jessica Haylock, 26, brother Joseph had to settle for 3rd place on this occasion as Rush Racing's 44 Charlie Alden separated them in 2nd.


Sportsboats also ran a field of 6 boats but these were very mixed, with 3 " Big Cats", 2 monohulls and the large 2 seater of Paul Yallop the water was chopped up into a frenzy making onslaught of the 2litre catamarans most difficult. The different styles of hull lead to very entertaining racing, the V shaped monohulls cutting big holes in the water for the "cats" to fall into, particularly the chining 2 seater as it "walloped" around the circuit with

39 Ray Birnie flying over the waves.


The Lowestoft Corporation Challenge trophy was won with a sparkling performance  by 49 Mark Williams in one of the two smallest boats racing,with the big "offshore" style boat of 81 Paul Yallop 2nd and an excellent 3rd for early season "gremlined" 22 Go Tankers Mike Tolman


The 10 strong field of OSY400 Hydroplanes, who most, if not all will enter the forthcoming European event competed in a round of the UK Championship counting 3 out of 4 of their results. All the UK drivers are from the Oulton Broad club and are a credit to the sport, friends in the pits, massively competitive on the circuit.

The previously mentioned early incident saw 28 Wayne Moyse and 77 Jamie Marr  collide at the buoy turn, resulting in Wayne clambering on to the bottom of his boat to be rescued. The quick action of  Jamie's pit crew saw him reappear for the heat 1 re run as did the Moyse Motors driver for the following heat, quite some effort !

After a monumental afternoon's racing, the Lowestoft Corporation Trophy was lifted by 77 Scott Builders Jamie Marr,, 2nd was Jason Mantripp with  28 Wayne Moyse a creditable 3rd, following his early swim !


Not satisfied with all championship racing, all the drivers raced one heat of the " Mark Gilbert Series" with 72 David Smith an  excellent 1st, 7 Karon Jude 2nd and 3rd was 31 Daniel Drake.


Trophies were presented by Peter Knight, Deputy Mayor of the now, Lowestoft Town Council.





Apologies to all concerned for some factually incorrect recent reports.


OSY400 Hydroplane Racing  17th May for Brunswick Trophy should have shown 3rd place as 73, Club Vice Commodore, Brian SHULVER.


GT15/30 Racing 24th May for Reedham Ferry Trophy  was in fact won by 26 Joseph Haylock, with 1 Thomas Mantripp 2nd and 20 Jessica Haylock 3rd.


The results previously shown were those for the third heat.



John Soanes