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Founded 1933

May 6 / Race Report

Unseasonably cold weather made viewing the day's racing uncomfortable but the temperature was lifted by some exciting performances from  regular and returning drivers, complimented by two new entries from the LOBMBC driver training program in the GT15/30 classes, both with past family racing history and  highlighting  the club's endeavours to keep the sport alive for the future.


Sportsboats raced on a greatly increased  "dogleg" course with the furthest turn buoy in the North Bay area and saw a warmly welcomed return of former F4 driver Robin Stoddard  now racing F2. Sadly the field of four boats halved due to engine gremlins but nevertheless, the "tortoise and hare" handicap racing that followed between Robin and club stalwart Ray Birnie was a sight to behold as the Gooch Accident Repair boat leaped precariously around the course chased by the considerably smoother riding F2 resulting in them both achieving 1160 points, sharing the Lowestoft Corporation Trophy.


Hydroplanes welcomed  Scott Builders sponsor, 3 Scott Goodings racing the Karon Jude boat for the day and showing great skill to lift the other Lowestoft civic trophy and perhaps promise of more frequent appearances during the season. The closely matched OSY400 pack often hampered the high speed attempts of the Racing Hydro of the Greens of Beccles Wayne Turner to pass them as they passed the clubhouse so he had to settle for second place, with Brad Holman taking third place following a solid afternoon's driving. All competitors managed to complete an enjoyable and competitive four heats.


Six GT class Monohulls took to the water and gave a great display of skill and determination as only these youngsters can. Making his race debut in the higher powered Excel Paint Finish GT30, Ashley Penfold fought hard against the GT15 pack and his time handicap, managing to take a shared first place for the John Burr Trophy with debuting GT15 driver Gracie-May Sampson who showed great skill to hold her own with the other experienced drivers on the circuit and leaving Thomas Lacey-Goodman to take third place.


The 2019 Season progresses with it's Thursday evening meetings and end of month two day UK Inter Club and Car Display Bank Holiday event.


John Soanes