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Race Report / 5 July

Continued  fine weather brought out a strong field of youngsters in the GT15/30 Monohull class, resulting in good competitive racing and close finishes as the  last boat to start cut it's way through the pack with Thomas Mantripp using his considerably greater skill to catch and pass all in front of him as they honed their driving skills hoping to emulate his successful career in this class. Despite the best efforts of all the drivers 44 Charlie Alden was able to steer his boat to two firsts and a second and take the  Waveney Windows Trophy home, leaving Thomas in second place and Joseph Haylock third.


There was a great deal of expectation as the Gentlemans Club 175cc Racing Hydroplane of Nigel Stopforth appeared in the first heat having been worked on until the early hours of the morning and the team were rewarded by completion of their first full race meeting of the season, well  done to all. The mixed class racing also included the crowd pleaser, Wayne Turner, who regretably had major engine failure in the second heat, continuing a catalogue of misfortune in his 2018 season following so many trouble free.


One OSY400 driver was not racing but Jason Mantripp was back on the microphone for this week and able to help promote the sport and the forthcoming Weekend Event to the BBC Look East viewers as the club once again gained the attention of the TV cameras. The drivers who were to compete in the weekend championships turned out for the evening the two seeded drivers being more cautious than others but a good  three heats of racing were completed successfully for the Duckhams Trophy. First place was taken by Brad Holman, with Brian Shulver second and Sean Woods third. Daniel Drake took a turn for the worst at the Wherry Buoy and ended up in the water giving him some busy hours of preparation for the coming event.


Sportsboats once again saw the"Three Musketeers" out on the course. Peter Rix once again attempted to outrun the catamarans and stay in the boat this week but the improved engine performance of Brian Block won him the F W Skipper Trophy by just 4 points from Ray Birnie who carried out his normal aerobatics in his attempts to succeed.


John Soanes