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Founded 1933

Race Report / Thursday 2 August

The Thursday evening L&OBMBC event on Oulton Broad marked the end of an era as former Hydroplane Guru and in recent years Monohull driver, Peter Rix, competed in his final club event on the course that has been his home for 43 years.


Holder of the 6th fastest lap of the 2/3rds of a mile course set in a 700cc Hydroplane during 2006, Peter raced with many of the UK and Europe's top drivers in the days of large fields of highly competitive "cabover" style boats and forming strong bonds and friendships at many continental courses. Always by his side has been his mechanic, John Rushmere, a familiar site in his waders when launching from the "Duckpond" and travelling in Peter's words "all over the world" with Rixy Racing.


Prepared to lend a helping hand, offer advice and keep the sport alive, he has recently been assisting with youngsters entering powerboating through the club "GT  Acadamy" and will no doubt be following his interests in Classic Hydroplane promotion.


Five GT15/30s raced for the Smith Hire Caravan Trophy with recently trained Andrew Smith bouncing around the course in action for the first time, an excellent evenings racing  resulted in a long awaited win for Jessica Haylock, hotly persued by Thomas Lacey-Goodman, with a close third to Charlie Alden. This class, driven on the shorter course, provides good entertainment as the up and coming drivers of the future take no prisoners, keenly honing their skills.


Sportsboats were competing for the highly prestigeous Percival Trophy and it was fitting that the "big cat" of Tom Roberts was on form and he was able to lift the trophy, with the consistant  Brian Block second, adding to his points tally for the season and Peter Rix bowed out with third place to applause from fellow drivers.


Hydroplane racing for the Jack Brooke Trophy brought the usual enthusiastic response from competitors and produced the type of performances that is still encouraging further drivers, having trained with the club, to have a go even as the season draws to a close with the thought of joining the class in 2019. Club Vice Commodore, Brian Shulver continues his success in this class taking first place followed by  good results for Daniel Drake and Brad Holman, as they repeated in a further round of the Keith Wagge Trophy series with Jason Mantripp taking first.


John Soanes