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Lowestoft & Oulton Broad

Motor Boat Club

Founded 1933

Photo Gallery / 1960's   CLICK TO ENLARGE                        

The hydoplane pits

The hydroplane pits featuring: 181 Chris Applebee, 191 Jack Codling (with the Bilton brothers), 56 Bernard Ryan and 444 Terry O'Dell from the Essex club. Far left is boatbuilder Arthur Brown.      Photo: Paul Goodman

1960 : Larry Gage in Well Oil B.

1963 : Alan Richards from Essex in Cyclone.

1967 : Dennis Burton in Uncle Den, class XU.

1967 : Owen Smith's trophy haul driving Tomax.

1968 : The Wherry pits during the international meeting.

1968 : Malcolm Humphries leaves the pits  in Sawdust.

1968 : Peter Sabberton's self-built  inboard runabout Sabena.

1968 : Visitors from Sweden - 216 Bengt Ove Nordin and 204 Michael Dozzi.

1968 : Rex King in the self-built stock hydro Screaming Nit.

1969 : Bob Spalding moved from monohulls to race the Dieter Schulze catamaran Bobcat.

1969 : Paul Baker in She'll Do ! one of the many runabouts built at Gorleston by Bernard Silom.

1969 : The sportsboat pits - Bob Spalding paddling the Schulze Bobcat !

1969 : Bob Spalding in the Johnson powered Italian built Molinari Scorpion.

1969 : Ron Howes in the self-built Ford powered Rebel,

1967 : Ulf Andersson from Sweden testing at Oulton prior to the European 'C' Stock Championship at South Cerney which he won.

1969 : Mercury power at the Wherry Hotel launching area.

1966 : 11 Jim Gooderham in the Crescent powered "Scram" chasing 4 Alan Morell in "Sawdust", a British Anzani powered Buzzard hull at the Wherry turn.

1967 : Ted Bolton launching 271 "Whoops", whilst Doug Willey and his mechanic Lionel Coles (still a club member in 2017).

1967 wherry Hotel pits

1967 : The launching area at the Wherry Hotel  featuring : 3 Martin Humphries in 'Sawdust', 15 Brian Green in 'Hustler', 16 Cliff Howes (brother of Ron) in 'Oddjob', 5 Willy Ryan in' Eggshell' with mechanics Bernard Ryan and Harry Kemp-Place. Onshore is Ted Bolton in 'Sandie Shaw'.

Thursday 1st August 1968

Patrick Atkinson in Akamo wins the Poacher Trophy, the first success at Oulton Broad by a catamaran.

1965 Don Musson in L Oiseau Bleu

Don Musson racing his Albatross 'L'Oiseau Bleu' at Oulton Broad on 30 August 1965, powered by Coventry Climax 1220cc