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Lowestoft & Oulton Broad

Motor Boat Club

Founded 1933

Photo Gallery / 1960's   CLICK TO ENLARGE                        

The hydoplane pits

The hydroplane pits featuring: 181 Chris Applebee, 191 Jack Codling (with the Bilton brothers), 56 Bernard Ryan and 444 Terry O'Dell from the Essex club. Far left is boatbuilder Arthur Brown.      Photo: Paul Goodman

1960 : Larry Gage in Well Oil B.

1963 : Alan Richards from Essex in Cyclone.

1967 : Dennis Burton in Uncle Den, class XU.

1967 : Owen Smith's trophy haul driving Tomax.

1968 : The Wherry pits during the international meeting.

1968 : Malcolm Humphries leaves the pits  in Sawdust.

1968 : Peter Sabberton's self-built  inboard runabout Sabena.

1968 : Visitors from Sweden - 216 Bengt Ove Nordin and 204 Michael Dozzi.

1968 : Rex King in the self-built stock hydro Screaming Nit.

1969 : Bob Spalding moved from monohulls to race the Dieter Schulze catamaran Bobcat.

1969 : Paul Baker in She'll Do ! one of the many runabouts built at Gorleston by Bernard Silom.

1969 : The sportsboat pits - Bob Spalding paddling the Schulze Bobcat !

1969 : Bob Spalding in the Johnson powered Italian built Molinari Scorpion.

1969 : Ron Howes in the self-built Ford powered Rebel,

1967 : Ulf Andersson from Sweden testing at Oulton prior to the European 'C' Stock Championship at South Cerney which he won.

1969 : Mercury power at the Wherry Hotel launching area.

1966 : 11 Jim Gooderham in the Crescent powered "Scram" chasing 4 Alan Morell in "Sawdust", a British Anzani powered Buzzard hull at the Wherry turn.

1967 : Ted Bolton launching 271 "Whoops", whilst Doug Willey and his mechanic Lionel Coles (still a club member in 2017).

1967 wherry Hotel pits

1967 : The launching area at the Wherry Hotel  featuring : 3 Martin Humphries in 'Sawdust', 15 Brian Green in 'Hustler', 16 Cliff Howes (brother of Ron) in 'Oddjob', 5 Willy Ryan in' Eggshell' with mechanics Bernard Ryan and Harry Kemp-Place. Onshore is Ted Bolton in 'Sandie Shaw'.



Thursday 1st August 1968

Patrick Atkinson in Akamo wins the Poacher Trophy, the first success at Oulton Broad by a catamaran.

1965 Don Musson in L Oiseau Bleu

Don Musson racing his Albatross 'L'Oiseau Bleu' at Oulton Broad on 30 August 1965, powered by Coventry Climax 1220cc

1963 Rex King in Blue Fly 1963 Ron Howes

1963 Ron Howes in his home-built inboard runabout Tycoon II.

1963 Rex King in his first outboard runabout Blue-Fly.

1963 the starting gun

1963  George firing the starting gun