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Lowestoft & Oulton Broad

Motor Boat Club

Founded 1933

Race Report / 14 June 2018

Despite the threat of the day's very strong wind continuing into the evening, more favourable conditions allowed the event to proceed.


There were smaller entries to all classes than there had been over the last few weeks with  Wayne Moyse travelling to Poland for the OSY400 World Championships, Jason Mantripp was at the F1 press day at London Victoria Docks promoting the Clubs forthcoming European event the ex Daniel Drake boat was now being driven by Vice Commodore, Brian Shulver, leaving his "kneeler" out of the running, two of the novice GT Class were absent and the "big cat" of Tom Roberts was said to be in the process of "re- branding".


The Sportsboat class saw the real " tortoise and hare" situation that handicap racing can bring as club stalwarts 3 Brian Block and 39 Gooch Accident Repair's Ray Birnie using all their guile fought it out over three heats. Despite the overwhelming speed advantage of Ray's craft, accurate starts and lots of clear water enabled Brian to take two first places and a second to lift the Fishermans Widows & Orphans Trophy.


GT15/30 saw the faster 1 Thomas Mantripp  putting all of his racecraft experience into play as he fought hard to catch the earlier starters, lapping to within 0.1 of a second for the lap record of his class, sadly to no avail. The ever improving 20 Jessica Haylock  took third place having made one of her career's best  handicap starts but brother Joseph driving 20, the other Tingdene boat squeezed ahead by just 4 points in second.


Taking first place and lifting another of the Lowestoft Fishermans Widows & Orphans Trophies was the "Coffee Rush Kid", 44 Charlie Alden, who drove well to fight off the more experienced challengers in his first full season, earning a big smile from his father.


Hydroplane Racing , although down in numbers, produce some of the most cut and thrust racing seen  during the evening. With no "Racing Hydros" and just  one of the faster Yamatos, the field was more than equally matched and produced many of what could be called close encounters

The fast 77 Scott Builders, Jamie Marr seizing the opportunity of open water was looking for the chance of a lap record was sadly disqualified in two heats due to  rule contraventions. The third heat was "red flagged" amidst confusion to spectators, as there having been a collision between  34 Tony Knights and 74 Sean Woods at the buoy  but the race had been stopped due to the sinking of 3 Jake Dale's boat as he attempted to make it to the pits, his boat having been taking on water all evening due to "natural causes".


With the re-run of the heat three boats short and the disqualification, the evening was set for surprising results. First place and LFW&O Trophy went to Shulver Homecare for Dogs, 73 Brian Shulver racing for the first time in his tiny, wasp like Hydro, second  was Sentinal's 72 David Smith and, surprisingly, third place went to  3 Jake Dale in the boat which had sunk, having previously taken two first places !


John Soanes