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Lowestoft & Oulton Broad

Motor Boat Club

Founded 1933

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Updated 18 March 2019

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Coming Up:



LOBMBC Nights at the Clubhouse


28 March - Club night

  4 April - Club night

11th April

Pre-season Drivers' Forum from 7pm.

18th April 

Pre-season ‘officials’ get together from 7pm

Affiliated to the British Power Boat Association


It Could Be You !


To show our commitment of introducing new drivers we are offering a fantastic opportunity for two NEW competitors to join the sports boat class.

    The lucky ones will receive a free 2019 BPBA licence, L&OBMBC club membership, dunk test (if needed) and a medical.

    Anyone that’s interested please contact our sports boat representative Ray Read - mail@rayread.co.uk

Calling all Competitors & Sponsors


We’re running a highest bid competition to get your race boat and/or company name on to our 2019 souvenir race program. The full details of this will follow nearer the time but anyone who’s considering an offer please drop us a message now to show your interest.

    This is a great way to support the club & get you boat & sponsor on the cover of our fantastic publication!!! We will of course credit the chosen pictures photographer.


BPBA 2019 Calendar


Immersion Tests


Good news for our race fans......


    16 drivers completed the annual Osprey Immersion test yesterday. L&OBMBC drivers Ray Birnie, Brian Block, Andy Gall, Robin Stoddard, Leon King & Danny Drake all took part. Some of ther other competitors in attendence were Steve Hoult, Ralph White, Richard Stallard (Jameys son), Jim Noone, Mette Bjerknaes & Harvey Smith.

    With many well known drivers still to go and 16 confirmed bookings for the 7th of April it all looks promising for the 2019 season.

Classic Car Show

Training Seminar


A good day was had at the annual scrutineer training seminar. All of the clubs regular scrutineers are now briefed & ready for the new season after passing the practical & written assessments

    We also carried out several hydroplane height checks along with a UIM F4 cockpit inspection.


Transponder Trials


We finally got to carry out the initial trials of the transponder lap timing system at the weekend. The results were very satisfactory with good, strong signals & feedback from the transponder & receiver.

    Our thanks must go to Jonny Peak & Mike Wray for ‘jumping in’ the cold Broads on such an awful day & to Thomas Mantripp & Brian Shulver for operating the test boat. We also had a positive response from our timekeepers who came to take a look.

    The club will now work hard to fund the equipment & discuss the various options with the supplier Super Sport Systems, we will update you all very shortly with some further information

The LOBMBC Website


We have been informed by our hosts that the existing website builder will cease to be supported from 1 September. Subsequently your webmaster will be developing a new LOBMBC website over the next few months.